Cleaning Methods

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Gentle cleaning methods

Our personnel are trained and skilled, with many years of experience in the care and cleaning of garments. We employ the wet cleaning process, a water-based process that enables the dry cleaning professional to safely wash garments intended for dry cleaning. Environmentally preferable, soft, friendly, biodegradable soaps are used. Many garments are cleaned by hand (ideal for delicate items) and air dried to eliminate shrinkage while conserving electricity. The wet cleaning process is a preferred method for protecting the environment.

Better for the Environment

The EPA Design for the Environment (DfE) Program recognizes the wet cleaning process as one example of an environmentally-preferable technology that can effectively clean garments. More here. . .

Better for You

Besides the negative environmental impact of conventional dry cleaning methods, the chemicals (e.g. perchloroethyene a.k.a. perc – a known human carcinogen, as designated by the EPA) can cause a number of adverse health effects. More here. . . We only use organic safe solutions in all of our processing.